Quarantine 2020

If you’ve been to any of your local stores lately then i’m sure that you’ve noticed the lack of toilet tissue.

As I was going through the line to check out some cleaning supplies that I thought were “essential”, I was told that I could only buy 1 of each item. The worker that stood spectating over the line came and confiscated the extra quantities of household cleaning supplies that I had loaded into my cart.

What is going on?!

The malls have closed. Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, hair and nail salons have all been asked to shut down. Even the NBA has canceled the sports season for now due to players testing positive for the virus. It has been advised that groups of 10 or more should not gather. The acts of ‘Social Distancing’ have been put into play. Everyone has been asked to stay home from work and school for the most part (some even laid off). Except for the healthcare workers who I feel deserve all the praise and gratitude right now for their bravery and selflessness.

Everyone is hoarding goods from the grocery stores and markets. The shelves look like an apocalypse. I can say in my 25 years of living, I have yet to experience a pandemic such as COVID-19. There isn’t even any alcohol or hand sanitizer in stores right now. They can’t keep it on the shelves. The toilet paper companies got a raise this year! They are making a killing like never before in these times. All of the cleaning supplies have been wiped out like never before. Ground beef and meat? Scarcity at it’s best. It’s a great time to be a vegetarian that’s for sure! I haven\’t had much of an issue stocking up on canned and frozen vegetables. The bread aisle has been picked clean.

Everyone’s spidey senses are tingling through the roofs….or have they gone mad from hysteria?

What happens when you eat too many chilli beans and have to go? Guess you better gather some old rags that you don’t want. Because you are literally S.O.L!!

I can say that this series of events has given me a different outlook on toilet paper and how important it must be to keep a hefty stockpile of it in your home. Because you never know when there won\’t be any in the stores.

In conclusion, I do hope that this pandemic will seize rather quickly. They say it will get worse before it gets better. On a more positive note, I believe that this is a time for families to spend time together in their homes and get to know more about each other and grow closer. It’s a great time for ideas to be explored and unleashed, the ones that have been held captive due to strenuous daily activities. A time for everyone to slow down and allow the world to catch up with them. I hope that the growth from this allows us to come together and thrive together as humanity.

Wishing everyone peace and good health during these times.

-Quarantine 2020

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