I am a writer.

I am writer.

There\’s not doubt about it.

Behind the scenes is where I stay.

Behind the scenes is where I lay.

What is to become of me?

25 years old…

25 years bold.

25 years…..

Where do I go?

Where do I set off to?

I don\’t know.

A lot of us are just looking for something to get off to.

\”Will any of us ever come to?\”

I think this as I hear pitter patter and marching over my head as I try to come up with the best possible line of how I feel…..

How do I feel?

Every time I try to express how I feel , it seems that something gets in the way.

Can I not feel how I feel?

Can I not feel how I feel without making a big deal?


-Poetry from Nacira Hall circa.2020

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