Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Hi, I’m Nacira Hall. Founder of Moods Of Majesty LLC.

We provide holistic self care products that support mental relaxation and are crafted with high-quality natural ingredients.

We believe that a positive mindset can make a world of a difference.

Those looking to calm down and take a break from their busy schedules can come to our site and find products to add into their self care or meditation rituals.

We provide products such as candles, skincare & body products, crystals, smudging tools and more. 

Our target audience is millennials that are interested in the new age or natural living movement. 

Our products can help in between therapy sessions or any other alternatives that may be used to support ones mental health.

At the moment customers shop with us at our website and local pop up events.

We are looking to expand soon!

Thank you so much for you time and holding this space.

Best wishes. 

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