Burn Out 101

Burn out may feel as though we’re stressed, overwhelmed, or strained due to our rigorous activities or responsibilities. As the pressure builds, we begin to become unmotivated and unwilling to put our best foot forward while being productive.  We can even begin to burn out the fire for the passion we once had for such a project. Some adverse effects from burnout can include but are not limited to fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, resentment, doubt, and feeling quite drained.  Although we may not notice, burnout can cause long-term changes to the body that make us more susceptible to illnesses.  Burnout can cause unbalance in every area of life. It’s crucial to take care of yourself as soon as possible when you notice that you’re feeling burnt out. What can cause us to experience burnout? Stressful environments. Lack of control. Lack of social support. Anxiety. Work-life imbalance. You could be dealing with burnout if: You are having lots of bad days. You could feel as if everything that once seemed important is starting to seem like a waste of energy. You are always exhausted. You are growing uninterested or impatient during your daily tasks. You may even feel unappreciated or unimportant. Loss of motivation.  Detachment. Pessimism. Decreased satisfaction. Decreased sense of accomplishment. Some of the more physical effects could be: Feeling drained most of the time. Lowered immunity. Frequent illnesses. Frequent headaches. Muscle aches. Change appetite. Change in sleep. Changes in behavior could be: Withdrawing. Isolating. Procrastinating. Use of coping mechanisms such as food, drugs, and alcohol. Taking out frustrations on others. Skipping, coming in late, or leaving work early. Stress and burnout may go hand in hand, yet they are considerably different in a way. Stress can come as a result of too much of something. Burnout can come from not having ENOUGH of something. Stress can come from too much pressure and demand. Burnout can arise from feeling mental exhaustion and lack of motivation. Most people are very aware that they are stressed. Most do not take notice when they are experiencing burnout.  How can I manage my energy and prevent burnout? Some good techniques that can help manage the effects of burnout are: Try participating in relaxing activities or doing things that you enjoy. Exercise. Get a good amount of rest. Try yoga or meditation. Seek out a support group or friends and family that you can trust to talk about your experience. Figure out if there are other ways to approach the situation that is causing you to experience burnout. We should all try to be mindful of ourselves and give ourselves the peace of mind needed when overworking and over-stressing ourselves.

The cost of over-committing.

Have you ever planned things when you’re in a “good mood” and then suddenly the time comes and you’re thinking…”Why did I even agree to this?” For me, it happens way too often. I’m sure that others have been in the same boat as well.  There are times when we say “YES.” When we should’ve said “NO.” I know that some may feel that it’s rude or mean. Maybe you think that you’ll lose friends. Perhaps you will not be proven to be the great person that you believe everyone perceives you as. But at the end of the day, your energy matters. Let’s take a look at the word Overcommit… Overcommit-: to commit excessively: such as a: to obligate (someone, such as oneself) beyond the ability for fulfillment b: to allocate (resources) in excess of the capacity for replenishment In other words, you’re sacrificing time and energy that you don’t necessarily have to give.  HOW TO CONTROL AND MANAGE THE HABIT. A helpful way to overcome situations as such would be to add your task to a list or calendar. This method can help you to be more organized and avoid overlapping or overbooking anything into your schedule. When you find yourself overcommitting to a person or group, it is best to directly explain to them how this will not work for your schedule at the time being. If they do not understand, maybe it just was not in the cards for you to work with that particular individual. At this point, we need to focus and work on maintaining healthy boundaries for ourselves.  We do not want to burn ourselves out by committing to responsibilities that we clearly should not have taken on. It is okay to say no to things. Sometimes it is the better option.   CITATIONS: “Overcommit.” Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster, 

I am a writer.

I am writer. There’s not doubt about it. Behind the scenes is where I stay. Behind the scenes is where I lay. What is to become of me? 25 years old… 25 years bold. 25 years….. Where do I go? Where do I set off to? I don’t know. A lot of us are just looking for something to get off to. “Will any of us ever come to?” I think this as I hear pitter patter and marching over my head as I try to come up with the best possible line of how I feel….. How do I feel? Every time I try to express how I feel , it seems that something gets in the way. Can I not feel how I feel? Can I not feel how I feel without making a big deal? GET REAL. -Poetry from Nacira Hall circa.2020

Quarantine 2020

If you’ve been to any of your local stores lately then i’m sure that you’ve noticed the lack of toilet tissue. As I was going through the line to check out some cleaning supplies that I thought were “essential”, I was told that I could only buy 1 of each item. The worker that stood spectating over the line came and confiscated the extra quantities of household cleaning supplies that I had loaded into my cart. What is going on?! The malls have closed. Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, hair and nail salons have all been asked to shut down. Even the NBA has canceled the sports season for now due to players testing positive for the virus. It has been advised that groups of 10 or more should not gather. The acts of ‘Social Distancing’ have been put into play. Everyone has been asked to stay home from work and school for the most part (some even laid off). Except for the healthcare workers who I feel deserve all the praise and gratitude right now for their bravery and selflessness. Everyone is hoarding goods from the grocery stores and markets. The shelves look like an apocalypse. I can say in my 25 years of living, I have yet to experience a pandemic such as COVID-19. There isn’t even any alcohol or hand sanitizer in stores right now. They can’t keep it on the shelves. The toilet paper companies got a raise this year! They are making a killing like never before in these times. All of the cleaning supplies have been wiped out like never before. Ground beef and meat? Scarcity at it’s best. It’s a great time to be a vegetarian that’s for sure! I haven’t had much of an issue stocking up on canned and frozen vegetables. The bread aisle has been picked clean. Everyone’s spidey senses are tingling through the roofs….or have they gone mad from hysteria? What happens when you eat too many chilli beans and have to go? Guess you better gather some old rags that you don’t want. Because you are literally S.O.L!! I can say that this series of events has given me a different outlook on toilet paper and how important it must be to keep a hefty stockpile of it in your home. Because you never know when there won’t be any in the stores. In conclusion, I do hope that this pandemic will seize rather quickly. They say it will get worse before it gets better. On a more positive note, I believe that this is a time for families to spend time together in their homes and get to know more about each other and grow closer. It’s a great time for ideas to be explored and unleashed, the ones that have been held captive due to strenuous daily activities. A time for everyone to slow down and allow the world to catch up with them. I hope that the growth from this allows us to come together and thrive together as humanity. Wishing everyone peace and good health during these times. -Quarantine 2020